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AboutSheena de Figueiredo

SDF Attorneys is founded by Sheena De Figueiredo.

Sheena completed her LLB degree at the University of Johannesburg and already knew her passion to be Family Law.

During her articles, Sheena’s passion for Family Law grew along with an interest in Labour and Criminal Law. She gained further experience as a Senior Associate at a law firm in Woodmead before deciding to start her own practice.

Sheena, being a wife and mother herself, understands the human element present in all legal disputes and always aims to be sensitive to the emotions and fears of her clients as well as opponents, whilst still remaining objective and thinking clearly and strategically when the client is unable or unwilling to do so.

Mission Statement

To service individuals and businesses alike by providing a fresh, personalised and exciting approach to the law, whilst ensuring that our quality of work, level of professionalism as well as our success rate remains of the highest standard.


We encourage our clients to appreciate and enjoy the experience of using our services, by asking questions, getting involved and becoming a special part of the SDF family for the time that they are using our services.